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Dungeon Keeper 1.0.54

Dungeon Keeper 1.0.54 Free Download

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Aye aye, Keeper! Bring the classic back


For those nostalgic gamers who love good old PC games, Dungeon Keeper was the classic reference back in 1997 of what a funny strategy title should be, produced originally by the now-defunct Bullfrog Productions. Although there is no news about a possible Dungeon Keeper 3, this App for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets has been developed by EA, specifically by Mythic Studios for its download to these mobile devices. This online free-to-play game is trying to revive the same title for the new generation, but as it is often said, comparisons are odious.

In this game, you play as the overlord of an infamous dungeon that needs of your great skills for its management as its keeper. Guided by the Horned Reaper, also known as Horny by its large number of followers, you will learn the essential tricks and traps for ruling your dungeon as it must be ruled. Building your self-created dungeon will require something more than just a little help from your precious demon guide for your expansion through all the overworld.

The design has changed in order to make it more casual for a larger audience. In this new version, none of the original designs have been kept, so that they're not so terrifying. Now, the characters have a clumsy design which might make them more appropriate for the average public, but we miss the old, almost-threatening style. Graphics and textures are simple, using a colorful design instead of darker environments for optimizing the game for smartphones and tablets.

Same name, different game

Although some of the previous game elements have been included in this new edition, the game is scarcely similar with its mechanics. You can still bully your minions to optimize their performance or just slapping their faces for fun, as even some kind of gratitude will come from that, but this is almost the only thing that remains. Building new structures will need resources like gold and stone, but also time. The first tiles you mine will need only 6 seconds, but as you advance more and more, creating new buildings or upgrading them will take longer, hours and even days that can be shortened through microtransactions.

In Dungeon Keeper, traps are the order of the day with spike traps, poisonous spores and dangerous cannons. The gameplay has been adapted for touch devices making this free-to-download title very easy to play, but the in-game gem purchases for accelerating the building process is almost necessary for playing in advanced levels, unless you can spend a whole week building a new chamber. The player finds several spells available, that can be used for defending the dungeon against enemy attacks. This way you can summon a fire-breathing dragon or even turn the threats into chickens.

With a good PVP and PVE gameplay, Dungeon Keeper is a nice game, but its eager micro-payment system ruins the game experience

The online multiplayer is all around for attacking other dungeons in real-time with your minions getting gold from your rivals. You can create guilds with your friends sharing your attacking minions like trolls and warlocks, as well getting extra bonuses for generating resources. These alliances will make your army of baddies increase in order to repel enemy attacks. With a good PVP and PVE gameplay, Dungeon Keeper is a nice game, but its micro-payment eager system ruins the game experience.

Summon your loyal demons
Summon your loyal demons

Dungeon Keeper 1.0.54 Features

Check out the details of the unique features of this mobile game:

  • Create your own hellish dungeon with all kinds of traps, helped along by your restless minions
  • Create the army you always wanted with trolls, evil mistresses, powerful warlocks and bile demons
  • Unleash powerful spells using the Hand of Evil for turning the enemies into tiny chickens
  • Motivate your fellow minions with friendly slaps to improve their working speed and performance
  • Build your own online guild with your friends for attacking other dungeons to gather gold and other resources you need for your own place
  • Redesigned classic for mobile devices for a taste of one of the classic strategy games of all time

For additional details of Dungeon Keeper for smartphones before its download, you can visit its official website through this link.

Be ready for some action
Be ready for some action

System Requirements

Here you can check the requirements of Dungeon Keeper for your smartphone:

  • OS: Android 2.3.3, iOS 5.0
  • Size: 33MB for Android, 86.6MB free space for iOS

free download


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